My Current Favorite Soaps

If you’ve ever visited with me at a local event, you know I can never decide which soap I like the best, it’s such a loaded question.  I have so many favorites.  Recently, my two favorite soaps are Citrus Energy and Rosemary Mint.

Citrus Energy……a citrus blend that smells good enough to eat! In fact, it’s the bar I get the comment most often, “Is it cheese?”  (Although, it smells nothing like cheese)  It’s a orange and lemon citrus blend that smells fresh and inviting.

Rosemary & Mint…….. with Shea butter and bentonite clay…..refreshing, herbaceous and minty with just enough slip and slide to use as an all natural, Eco-friendly shaving alternative to shaving cream or gel from a can.  It smells amazing; is smooth and creamy and perfect as a wake me up in the shower.  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

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