And the winner is……………………

Congratulations to Karla from Apple Valley, the winner of the $20 gift certificate for the Serenade Natural Products drawing at the Dakota County Fair.

What a great week at the fair! Although the 12 hours days grew long, I really had lots of fun getting to know my fair neighbors.  I sat next to the most amazing artists who did face painting all week for kids and a few adults who were maybe kids at heart.  My niece Zoey came to the fair with my sister and see got her face painted.  She loved it!  I got to chat with Carol and Harold from Cruise Holiday South Metro who gave me many ideas for a great winter vacation.  My neighbor, Joy, from Trinity Care Campus in Farmington, was a “joy”, as always.  The Dakota County Gun Club was right across from me and invited me to a their Ladies Day at the gun club.  I read two books, The Tree Spirited Woman by Colleen Baldrica, a local author and the classic, To Kill a Mockingbird.  Both books were really great reads.  I don’t know if I ever read To Kill a Mockingbird as a kid, if I did I really don’t remember.  It’s a great story from the child’s perspective about growing up and learning tolerance and life lessons about respect, self-worth and equality.  I also played a lot of solitaire on my phone.   And the food, of course was delicious fair food; cheese curds, a pork chop on a stick, cotton candy, just to list a few!  The best fair food find, had to be an amazing cupcake from A Cupcake Social  food truck.  It was strawberry shortcake with real strawberry filling and buttercream frosting.  DELICIOUS!  Good thing I didn’t discover them until Saturday or I would have eaten many more.

Thank you to all my repeat customers who came out to visit us at the fair.  A huge thank you to all our new customers who were excited to try our handmade soaps and bath & beauty products.  I have to thank my kids for helping keep each other occupied while I was gone all week and for Gabe, who helped do all the heavy lifting and set up at the fair.

Remember, you can find Serenade Natural Products online all year-long at  Look on my Events and Shows page for my local schedule.  I’ll be updating it often as our Holiday schedule is set.

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