Spring Has NOT Sprung in Minnesota………

Although Spring officially began March 20th, someone forgot to send the memo to Minnesota.  We’ve had more snow days in the last week than we had all winter.  I look out the window and this is what I see.  Image

We’ve been keeping busy and trying to stay positive because we know Spring will come.  Our garden is off to a great start, thanks to the new green houses my husband built.  Image

And….We’ve even been raising our ducklings for our ponds inside our garage.  Some of the ducks have begun to get their real feathers already.  Wow, ducks sure do make a mess.  Image

The kids have given them silly names like Poppy Potato, Rascal and Tootsie.  Although Spring feels ages away, we know you can’t stop the clock so we’ve started making all our Spring scented soaps, lotions, and soy candles. I’ve started filling my Spring events schedule too and am really looking forward to some fun craft fairs and events.  My fresh    Image

lilac soap is almost ready to package.  I used purple Brazilian Clay to create the beautiful natural purple color. I’ve also made  hand creams and body scrubs that can help you get that winter skin ready for the summer sun.   My new favorite is the Limeade Sugar Scrub made with real lime and lemongrass essential oils.


Summer Flower paraben free hand cream is also a new favorite around here.  It’s a very delicate light floral scent that I just love!Image

Join me in saying goodbye to this never ending Minnesota winter!!!!!!!!  Hopefully, it will be long gone by this time next week! Happy Sunday!

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