Mother’s Day is Sunday May 12th

Coming from a family with 6 siblings was always interesting to say the least.  I grew up with 4 sisters and one brother. We sisters were experts in makeup, hair, clothing and boys of course….or so we thought.  We spent half our childhood fighting over clothes and who’s turn it was to clean the bathroom.  My poor brother!!!! He had to put up with all of us! Today, we all have families of our own and some of us are seeing our kids fight over the same old things.  We’ve grown to understand the the sacrifices our mom & dad made for us.   As a mother of 5 myself, I feel truly blessed.  That doesn’t mean my life is easy or my kids don’t fight or my house isn’t a constant mess.  Our life is messy, and we’re not perfect, but we love each other…most days.  As Mother’s Day approaches, spend a minute to appreciate your mom for the life she gave you, for all she does, and for who she is.  I love you mom!


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